online credit report

Have you ever wondered how to get your online credit report?

Getting your free online credit report has never been more simple or easier. You can now access your annual credit report and get the information that you need to help secure your financial future, all at the comfort and convenience of your personal computer. Online credit reports can be ordered from a variety of websites that offer access to your free online credit report. These online credit checks are typically your annual credit report allowed by one of the three credit report bureaus.

Understanding your credit history is the most important step in taking control of your financial situation.

“Once I ordered my online credit report I was able to seek out the debt advice that I needed and get financial help. Now I am on my way to a more secure financial future. I will always subscribe for my one free annual online credit report.”

Kathleen, MI

There are three different types of websites that offer free online credit checks.

  1. The first type is from one of the credit report bureaus. These bureaus are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Each of these bureaus develops a credit report based on your credit history and provides information so that a credit score can be developed to help creditors evaluated your level of risk when it comes to assessing credit. You can request a free credit report once per year from each bureau either online, by phone, or via written request.
  2. There are also three bureau credit reports or 3 in 1 credit reports. These websites typically offer what they call “true” online credit checks. These reports are designed to be more thorough because one credit bureau may have information that another credit bureau does not, that may influence your credit score. These online credit reports provide all information from all three reporting bureaus. However, these sites also will typically provide a free annual credit report in exchange for subscription to another online service. While the report may be free, you may be required to pay for another service.
  3. There are also instant online credit reports. These credit reports typically only include the credit scores and also may require some form of subscription in order to receive a free instant online credit report. These credit reports are also typically only available online.
  4. There are so many options to receive a free online credit report there is no reason not to get your free credit report today!

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